Elements of the Mind


Welcome to the Procrastinus website!  As part of a larger scientific effort, we are starting to connect procrastination to other aspects about yourself. So after seeing how you compare regarding putting stuff off, take a moment to look at the other assessments at our Survey Center, each with personalized feedback. 

We have recently uploaded a new survey on ethical dilemmas. It will be a great help to our research on ethics if you take your time and complete the survey at the link below:

Ethical Dilemmas Questionnaire

9 thoughts on “Home

    1. Its about impulsiveness primarily, then value (how people frame an activity to see as fun or boring) and then finally self-confidence. You can argue for atypical procrastinators if you like, such as the anxiety prone, but I think that is just value related.

      1. Thanks for your kind reply Master Steel: In this point I am wondering about some basic things: which would be the weighting of the different levels of factors? also motivational related to impulsivity and cognitive related to expectations and assessments of achievement?; what about the role of learning process and in particular mechanisms of classical or operant conditioning in the begining or mantenance of this behavior?; and three, that paper you give to the language literalness and verbal instruccions as factors of these behaviour?, big greeting from Argentina of your follower

      2. Thank you very much Master Steel! I’ll check it and then maybe I will write to you again .. Best regards …

  1. Having checxk this out I believed it was rather
    enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to position this post together.
    I once more find myself personally spending a little too mch time
    both reading and commenting. But just what, it waas still worth every penny!

    1. Hack: every second or penny for try clarify why we procrastinate and lose our time they have all valué.., greeting for Argentina!

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  3. Hola…..! quisiera saber cuales son las dimensiones académicas de la procrastinación. estoy haciendo una tesis sobre el tema me gustaría que me ayude…

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