Measure My Procrastination!

Picture2Procrastination is pervasive, and it concerns us. At least 95% of us procrastinate at least occasionally and about 15-20% of us do it consistently and problematically.

Find out where you land in the ranks of procrastination. Are you a garden-variety dilly dallier or are you hardcore with “tomorrow” tattooed across your back?

Complete the more comprehensive survey here that I’ve administered to tens of thousands of subjects around the world to get a more detailed diagnosis of your procrastination profile, along with a few scientifically proven tips for taming our tendency to put things off.

Procrastination Survey

Note. The information that you provide in this survey including your email address will be completely confidential. It will not be linked to your responses in any way and will be not be revealed to any third parties.

Keep in mind that you can choose to exit the survey at any time, but you will only get your feedback by answering all the questions. With your participation, we will continue to improve our understanding of procrastination and the destructive patterns that adversely impact our lives.

Note. You can read the website consent form

Here is another link of the survey if you do not want to create  an account with GuidedTrack.

Procrastination Survey (2)

45 thoughts on “Measure My Procrastination!

    1. I remember going through dozens of other surveys at the time trying to figure how best to assess a social construction like ethnicity, and really I should just remove those fields at this point if they are distracting. I haven’t paid attention to them in forever.

  1. This was helpful . Of course I know I am a procrastination pro… and I produce decent work under deadlines . I know it would have been much better if I had paced it out .. but I just don’t seem to be able to get the focus till there is a deadline staring at my face ..
    Any innovative tips Professor ?

  2. I completed the survey and the first sentence in the results almost killed me. It mortified me. I feel so insanely guilty. It would have been even worse if I didn’t know -like I do since last year- that I’m a woman with autism. When I’m about to deal with a great amount of information to organize or sometimes just how to organize my thoughts or my work is just so overwhelming that I procrastinate and then feel guilty. But people won’t notice my autism at first glance, and not even my close family seems to understand how difficult is for me to stay on task since they regard me as a very smart person. My procrastination is more like a secret. I will follow the tips and hopefully that will help a little bit, at least reduce my anxiety and feel more proud of myself.

    1. A lot of people have autism that you wouldn’t suspect. 😉 Procrastination is as normal as our love of fats and sugars. It is only problematic because we have built a world that exploits every weakness in our decision making. Deal with your tendency to delay but leave the guilt behind.

  3. I wanted to get your book from amazon, here in Mexico from Sonora State, and a friend gave it to me as a gift. English is not my native language but I studied two years in Gilbert Arizona, 😀 Just Started reading your Book, and I love it
    I am also translating it to the friend that gave it to me, because she wants to read it as well but she doesnt know any English hheheheh so we read it together through the phone hahhahaha She is a psycologist and I´m a nurse and just to thank you for your effor and work that you put into this book. We like it a lot.

    A big thanks all the way from Mexico!!!!

    PhD Piers Steel

    1. Glad you liked it! Myself, recovery from major surgery over the last few months, so not all delays are procrastination. Of note, there is a Spanish translation and the reviewers there indicate its even better than the original English. Just look up my name in

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