About the Book

Getting Serious About Procrastinating

Here’s a sample chapter and at the bottom a long list of reviews from sources ranging from Publishers Weekly to The Rolling Stones. It is based on a solid scientific understanding of procrastination and vetted techniques that are proven to work. Perhaps skip the author’s note at the start, though. It being my first book, I  was a little nervous about how to establish credibility, with some finding my attempt there ham-fisted.

So why put it off any longer? The Procrastination Equation is now available for purchase from any of the following retailers.

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Procrastination is part of our human nature and almost everybody does it (95% of us do so at least occasionally). This means that almost everyone can potentially appreciate a book on the topic. Here are some notables who didn’t put off reading my book and took the time to take note.

 “A good book that transcends typical self-help.”
Rolling Stone
“…and the book itself is great. Even the argument behind that sentence is persuasive.”
Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian
“In his absorbing first book Steel looks closely at the oft-misunderstood habit of procrastination. His engaging guide will appeal to a wide audience of past, present, and future procrastinators and researchers trying to get a handle on the science of putting things off.”
Publishers Weekly
“I put off writing this blurb till the last minute. I thought it was because I was too busy, but after reading The Procrastination Equation, I know the real reasons. Piers Steel will help you tackle the goals – big and small – that always seemed just a little out of reach.”
Richard Florida, author of The Great Reset, Rise of The Creative Class and Who’s Your City
“The Procrastination Equation is crammed with surprising insights about procrastination and human nature – as well as concrete, helpful solutions for fighting procrastination.”
Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project
“The Procrastination Equation will teach you how to bust the excuses that are preventing you from doing your best work and living your best life. So don’t put it off any longer. Read this book. Today.”
Daniel Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind
“Procrastination is the saffron spice of human behavior, where even small amounts of this tendency can shatter the best of intentions. In this illuminating book Piers Steel shows us the secrets of procrastination, how it affects us and how we will, one day, be able to prevail.”
Dan Ariely, author of The Upside of Irrationality and Predictably Irrational
“This book is fascinating. I’m sorry I put off reading it.”
Robert Sawyer, Hugo, Nebula, & Campbell Award Winning SF Writer
“Everything you ever wanted to know about procrastination but never got around to reading.”
Kirkus Reviews
A useful, eye-opening book. Now, if only the people who most need to read it could find the time to do so.
David Pitt, Booklist
The Procrastination Equation is this season’s must-read self-help book. In addition to offering useful strategies to fight a common problem, it’s a fascinating read.
Montreal Gazette
There’s plenty of advice, but this is much more than just a self-help book. The Procrastination Equation is also a perceptive reflection on the state of the modern world and it offers profound insights into the value of interdisciplinary academic research. It’s also highly entertaining.
Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight
It’s impossible not to leave the conversation feeling motivated… a likely candidate for crossover success [to become a New York Times bestseller].
Ben Kaplan, National Post
Why you ‘put off till tomorrow what you can do today’ forms the crux of Steel’s book, in which he not only answers that question but details specific techniques to reign in the impulse… offers good advice.
Library Journal Review
Thoroughly engrossing, with lots of examples, exercises and humorous quotes, this is a useful reference book for the procrastinators among us who seriously wish or need to change.
Glenn Drexhage, Business in Vancouver
“Steel has produced an exhaustive look at the research, history, definition, forms, and treatment of procrastination. Exhaustive may be underselling it… The research, history, and forms of procrastination sections of his book are its strength and most captivating.”
Erin Rooney Doland, Unclutterer
“This is a book that is well worth the cover price, and one that everyone should read.”
Will Roney, Family Friendly Working
“This book is a good natured poke to return us to our better selves and inspire us to find more satisfying outcomes and de-light; I believe you will like reading this one.”
Patricia’s Wisdom
“As narrated by Pete Larkin, this audiobook is one of the best self help titles around, and Larkin an excellent reader whose timing and delivery will keep even the most chronic procrastinator nodding instead of nodding off.”
Tower Review
“An interesting book that tries to get to the heart of why we procrastinate, as well as offering practical advice.”
Tesse Norman, Mortgage Strategy

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